About Us

I am a Nigerian citizen, who have visited India both on business and tourist trips. With my Love for India and my desire to settle here, I fell in love with my Indian wife and we got married. I realized that there is need for most of the essential products from Africa. Thinking deeper, I foresaw that thousands of other Africans residing in India have one need or the other from home. With these needs, embracing and exhibiting our true African culture outside of our continent is quite difficult. Hence, the birth of AfricanMart.In

This is an online store you can virtually find everything you are looking for with guaranteed delivery without driving miles

 We have added other products which are very essential to Indians, to thank them for their unwavering support to us.

 Our mission is to move the African diaspora businesses into a new dimension as technology changes. Our goal is to streamline the headache by providing easy access to authentic African products 

 At AfricanMart, we have made buying African Products easy!